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The Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia seeks to conduct its activities ethically and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Members, Directors (including Officers), guests, guest artists, and vendors will be treated courteously, fairly, respectfully, and without favoritism. 

Directors (including Officers) must act fairly, impartially, and without regard to personal or professional connections or gain. As required by its Policy, potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed upon beginning office and as new situations arise. Where a conflict of interest is determined to exist, Directors (including Officers) shall recuse themselves from that decision-making process. 

Directors (including Officers) shall exercise the following Duties: 

1)    Duty of Care through good stewardship of the organization’s assets (e.g., intellectual and physical property, technology, volunteers, staff, goodwill, and working relationships between the Corporation and the outside world);

2)    Duty of Loyalty by involvement in, and attention to, the activities and transactions necessary to advance the Corporation’s mission; 

3)    Duty of Obedience by assuring the legality of all aspects of the Corporation and in compliance with the Corporation’s Bylaws.

All records and reports must be timely and accurately reflect the transaction. Confidential information will be handled only by those with a need to know and will be kept within the Corporation. Upon determining that an ethical breach may have occurred, the discoverer must immediately inform the Executive Board so that the matter can be promptly investigated and corrected.

(Adopted by the Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia Board of Directors on April 19, 2022.)

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