2018 Listing of Events 

and exhibitors

The Flute Fair Day will be filled with a variety of events including

Master Classes
Workshops and Presentations
Flute Choirs

and more!

Schedule: (As of 1/15/18)
7:45 am - Exhibitor Set-up/Youth Artist Competition check-in begins
8:00 am - noon - Youth Artist Competition
8:30 am - General Registration begins
8:30-9:15 am - Exhibit time
9:00 am - Student Honors Flute Choir Rehearsal
9:15 am - Playing Irish Music on Silver or Irish Flute, Mary Kay Mann, presenter
10:15 am - Master Class with Greg Pattillo
11:00 am - Workshop with PROJECT Trio (for all attendees!)
11:45 am - Lunch Break/Visit the Exhibits
11:50 am - Lunchtime Recital including The BETA Quartet and Camden Beavers
12:50 pm - Announce the winners of the Youth Artist Competition
1:00 pm - Recital with PROJECT Trio
2:10 pm - Lecture "The Musical Brain", Randy Rosenberg, presenter
2:15 pm - Festival Flute Choir Rehearsal
2:15 pm - Student Master Class with Lish Lindsey
2:30 pm - Competition Winners' Recital featuring winners of the Young Artist, Collegiate Artist and Youth Artist Competitions
3:00 pm - Breathing Fundamentals for Flutists, Alexis DelPalazzo, presenter
4:00 pm - Audition Preparation Workshop, Jeiran Hasan, presenter
4:00 pm - FluteXpansions: Expanding Warm-Ups, Shanna Gutierrez, presenter
5:00 pm - Finale Flute Choirs Concert with the Student Honors Flute Choir and the Festival Flute Choir
5:00-6:00 pm - Visit the exhibits

Exhibitors to be in attendance include:
The Flute Loft
The Flute Pro Shop
J.L. Smith/Flute World
Landell Flutes
Warfield's Fine Flutes
Windworks Studio of Philadelphia

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