“The Flute, the Snow and the Blizzard”

The Russian Romantic Flute (Lecture-Recital)

Inna Leoni, flute

Natalie Nuova, piano

Sunday, November 17, 2019

3:00 PM

St. Helena Church 

602 Philadelphia Pike

Wilmington, Delaware, 19809

The inspiration for this program comes from the sad realization that there exists a great void in the Romantic flute literature. Virtually none of the known great masters of the 19th century left a big legacy for our beloved instrument. Nevertheless, this lecture/performance will demonstrate that there is a vast and yet to be discovered repertoire for solo flute from the Russian post-Romantic and Soviet eras.

The flute music of the Soviet period is known to western flutists largely through the works by Prokofiev, Taktakishvili, the transcriptions of music by Khachaturian, the solos from Shostakovich’s symphonies, and other orchestral repertoire. However, there exists a large body of significant compositions for flute which are virtually unknown in the current western flute repertoire. Among these are magnificent solo flute works of Vladimir Tsybin and Sergei Vasilenko.

This lecture/recital will feature the following works: the Concerto Allegros and the Concert Etudes by Vladimir Tsybin, and the Suite “In Spring,” by Sergei Vasilenko. Tsybin’s Concert Etudes for flute and piano spring directly from the tradition of Chopin and Liszt. Several etudes have direct parallels to orchestral excerpts and a clever approach towards overcoming technical difficulties in symphonic repertoire. The works presented are regarded to be among the staples of the flute repertoire in Russia and are always included in national flute competitions.

Inna Leoni has a direct connection to the above composers through her teacher at the Moscow Conservatory, Alexander Korneyev, who premiered the Suite “In Spring” in the middle of the 20th century and who himself was a pupil of Vladimir Tsybin.  Additionally, she will present transcriptions of art songs and preludes by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Lensky aria from opera “Yevgeny Onegin” by Tchaikovsky and selections from the musical illustrations to Aleksandr Pushkin's story “The Blizzard” by Georgy Sviridov, music on which she had been nurtured while growing up in her native

For more information on Inna Leoni visit https://www.innaleoni.com/

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