The Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia
2018 Flute Competition Results

The Flute Society of Greater Philadelphia (FSGP) is pleased to announce the winners of the following competitions:

2018 FSGP Young Artist Competition
For flutists ages 18-30 (as of March 3, 2018)

Catherine Baker, Jeiran Hasan, Youngha Kim, Christian Paquette, Matthew Ross, Chelsea Tanner

Catherine Baker - First Place Prize Winner
Matthew Ross - Second Place Prize Winner
Christian Paquette - Third Place Prize Winner

2018 FSGP Murray Panitz Memorial Award
(awarded for exceptional musicianship)
Catherine Baker

For flutists who are undergraduate college students (as of March 3, 2018)
Danielle Kim
- First Place Prize Winner
Jillian Coscio - Second Place Prize Winner
Julia Carey
- Third Place Prize Winner  

For flutists ages 18 years and younger (college/university students are not eligible)

2018 FSGP Youth Artist Senior High Division
For flutists ages 15 - 18 (as of March 3, 2018)
Juan Carlos Narvaez
- First Place Prize Winner
Rachel Westcott - Second Place Prize Winner
Ananya Tadigadapa - Third Place Prize Winner  

2018 FSGP Junior High Youth Artist Competition 
For flutists ages 12 - 14 (as of March 3, 2018)
Sarah Park - First Place Prize Winner
Katherine Fang - Second Place Prize Winner
Charis Gao - Third Place Prize Winner

2018 FSGP Elementary Youth Artist Competition 
For flutists ages 11 and under (as of March 3, 2018)
Steven Guard - First Place Prize Winner
Sean Ladinsky - Second Place Prize Winner

For more information on each competition, visit the corresponding web page.

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